CNC Fabricating Machinery

  • CNC Angle Line

    The Franklin AFC5108 CNC Angle machine is one of the most versatile rugged built machines available. The Unique Dual Shear die set allows two (2) Shear dies to be interchanged in the same machine, unlike any other machine on the market.

  • CNC Beam Drill Line

    The Franklin HD145 (3) spindle CNC drill, with 44-inch width capacity.  The HD-145 handles beams up to 750 lbs per foot.  The hi-performance spindle design provides drilling capabilities up to 2,000 RPM.  This rigid design provides extremely aggressive feed rates up to 300 surface feet per minute. The Franklin HD145 can be provided with several material handling packages from 300 lbs per foot, to 750 lbs per foot.

  • CNC Saw Line

    The back-stop carriage has a pneumatic probe device that senses the lead of the material.When contact is made the conveyor drive system decelerates and creeps into position. The back-stop is designed to hydraulically lock into the programmed position.The “In Position” sensor locks the conveyor drive system until the saw cycle is complete. This unique design prevents the material from making any “hard-stop” contact with the carriage unit. The touch screen control provides the operator programmable length input and various material handling control. Franklin Manufacturing, Inc. provides various engineered and standard material / conveyor handling systems. Based on your application, weight and material flow requirements, Franklin can provide the complete system.

  • CNC Flange Line

    Franklin Model PF196x425RM is a 20" CNC combination plate/flange line with infinite variable gauge capable of locating holes at any location across the flange or plate.  The PF196x425 Equipped with a Model 5425 (425 ton) shear, has a maximum capacity of 20” wide x 1 ¼” thick plate.  The 196-ton triple gag tooling contains three (3) tools that can be individually selected thru the CNC program.  Punching capacities up to 2 inches in diameter and quick-change tooling provide quick change over for plate fabrication.  The flange/plate material is conveyed and measured with a multi-pinch roll drive system.  The press assembly is positioned at 1500 IPM by a Hi-Performance Hydraulic servo system. 

  • CNC Plate Line

    The Franklin Plate Line provides high capacity punching and shearing. It is designed for producing heavy base plates and splice plates. The 330-ton punch ram, 38 tons of hydraulic stripping, and quick change tooling provide a multiple of gauge configurations. The Model 5330 shear station with hydraulic hold-downs provides cutting capacity for 1"x 18" or 1¼"x 14" bar. The infeed conveyor has a heavy roller bed, servo-driven rack, and a pinion measuring carriage. The infeed system is available in 20, 40, and 60 foot lengths.

  • CNC Copper Bus Line

    The Franklin BBF Series Bus Bar Fabricators combine CNC controls, software, auto loading, measuring, high speed punching, labeling, shearing, and sorting into a high performance cell. What was once a custom engineered system has evolved into a series of standard grouped options. The punch and shear operation of copper and aluminum bus bar (unlike steel bar) is a unique engineering challenge.

FRANKLIN MANUFACTURING, INC. based in Russellville, AL. provides total solutions with its standard product line of CNC structural fabricating machines. With extensive experience in steel fabricating equipment, Franklin’s CNC equipment is used in several markets worldwide including pre-engineered steel buildings, heavy structural fabrication and joist fabrication. Franklin’s philosophy for complete in-house responsibility of design engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, CNC controls, software development, customer service and installation is all encompassed in its 400,000 sq ft facility.

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